We’re in it for the long haul

JM Swank is continuously improving our efforts to “go green” with our operations and environmental impact. Our fleet includes trucks and trailers that contain sustainable features.

Aerodynamic Design that Reduces Drag

Our trucks have aerodynamic fairings that cover the fuel tanks, the lower part of the truck and the top of the cab to direct air over the trailer. Our trailers are equipped with aerodynamic skirting along the bottom sides that extend to about six inches from the ground, reducing airflow beneath the trailer.

Air Inflation System

Our trailers are equipped with air inflation systems that continuously monitor proper tire pressure, extend the life of the tire, and decrease fuel use.

Auxiliary Power System (APU)

Our trucks utilize APUs to reduce fuel use and maintenance on the tractor engine, while still meeting the needs of drivers when the truck is shut off.

Efficient Tires

Our tire tread design reduces rolling resistance – the force required to turn the tire – which also improves fuel efficiency.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

Power units utilize the Detroit Diesel Evolution engines with the DT12 automatic transmissions which when combined allow our fleet to average above 7 mpg fuel economy.

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