“You Can Bank on Swank”


We’ve been helping customers grow since 1954

For more than 60 years, JM Swank has been expanding its distribution model to provide an integrated supply chain from order to delivery. We transport 800 million pounds of product annually and provide expertise in sourcing, distribution, and logistics to customers nationwide.

“One call, one truck, one invoice”

JM Swank helps you achieve efficiencies through ordering multiple ingredients that arrive on one truck. This simple “one call, one truck, one invoice” solution helps you save time, drive freight savings and simplify receiving.

Experience the difference our people make

JM Swank demonstrates honesty, fairness, and flexibility in everything we do. We work hard to meet your product needs, and we keep you informed of the latest market activity and product developments to help you save money. Our team’s personal approach to partnership makes the difference in your bottom line, which is why around here we say, “You Can Bank on Swank”.

Talk to one of our dedicated team members to learn more about how we can help you succeed.