JM Swank Now Offers Specialty Cheese Powders

cheese-powdersLand O’Lakes formed a partnership with national food ingredient distributor JM Swank effective 7/1/21.

Land O’ Lakes continues to grow capacity and enter new categories within the food ingredient industry. To increase the sales and growth of its specialty cheese powders, Land O’Lakes partnered up with national food ingredient distributor JM Swank.

Land O’ Lakes is an industry leader in cheese power and seasoning technology. Product benefits include:

  • Cheese or Dairy Inclusion
  • Ingredient Deck (Natural Flavors, FD&C)
  • Fat & Protein
  • Color
  • NTS or MTO

JM Swank is now offering cheddar, organic and varietal cheese powders for distribution.

Want to learn more and how these products can improve your production process? Samples and Commercial quantities are now available for cheese powders through the new relationship with JM Swank.

For more information, please visit to request a meeting to learn more from your JM Swank representatives.


With over 3,000 food ingredients and over 400 vendors, JM Swank works hard to meet its customer’s product needs and build supply chain efficiency. As the only national food ingredient distributor with a private fleet delivering nationwide; JM Swank’s team personal approach to partnership makes the difference in the bottom line. JM Swank services the bakery & snack, meats, organic, non-GMO, pet food and soups, sauces & dressing markets nationwide. With warehouses strategically located throughout the United States, JM Swank’s private fleet and BRC certified facilities deliver full compliance and food safety standards. (