Ingredients for a Productive New Year




If 2020 taught all of us in the food industry one thing, it is that we can adapt to uncertainty by refining the ways we do business and, if necessary, reinventing ourselves to meet new challenges with creativity and innovation. During a difficult period, we will all continue to demonstrate what it takes to persevere.

At JM Swank, we have adapted to change. We are forming personal and integral partnerships with customers and providing focused solutions, including customized sourcing and logistics services to increase supply-chain efficiency.

We are strengthening our already-deep resources and market expertise to obtain the more than 3,000 ingredients and products our customers rely on.

And we are responding with continuous support, on-time delivery and the speed and convenience of our private fleet.

So, while we won’t soon forget the challenges we faced this year, let’s also remember the lesson we learned along the way – that we have what it takes to adapt and carry on. Working together, let’s make the New Year a year full of new opportunity.