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Food, quality and safety

At JM Swank, quality and safety are our top priorities. We ensure the integrity of every food ingredient we distribute by adhering to the industry’s highest standards in food safety and quality. 

BRC Certification

At JM Swank, quality and safety are our top priorities. BRC Certified since 2012.  

What you need when you need it

JM Swank helps you sleep at night by consistently delivering your complete order on time every time.

JM Swank mission

To be the most trusted and value added partner to our customers.  We fulfill an important role by working with our suppliers and customers to help provide safe, affordable, nutritious food to those who need it.

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"It's easier and cost efficient to put more of our sourcing needs in JM Swank's hands."

Phil K.
Senior Procurement Director, Multi-state food manufacturer JM Swank partner, 7 years